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Your Source for Targeting Mailing Lists in Central Ohio!

Increase your market awareness and sales with targeted homeowner lists in Central and Dayton-Area Ohio Counties!

CompuName is a residential, direct marketing, Ohio based company that provides updated new homeowner lists to help you expand your business.  We can provide targeted mailing lists of new residents in specific zip codes or regions so your business can grow!  Our databases are continually updated, ensuring your access to the latest lists of brand-new and existing homeowners in Central and South Western Ohio.

NEW RESIDENTS will be looking for professional services to fit their needs! You can trust our years of direct marketing, Ohio experience to help you reach those new homeowners and give them the services that they need!

CompuName refines our data based on criteria you specify, and provides unique and useful reports containing only the best prospects for your business.  Our new homeowner lists can be extremely useful for dentists, landscape personnel, home interior companies, banks, security companies, private practice physicians,  churches and insurance personnel to name a few.

CompuName full service includes everything you need to maximize your marketing dollar.  Lack the time, or in-house expertise to handle the mailing yourself?  Take advantage of our comprehensive list of expert mail house services.  We’ll clean and verify your list data, optimize it for the lowest possible postage rates, print directly onto your mail piece, fold, stuff seal and deliver to the Post Office.

Contact us today for a free quote for any of our targeted mailing lists or other services!

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